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Exclusive tableware developed in collaboration with international ceramic designers

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There are ceramists all over the world who create the most unique products in their studios. Usually, these ceramists can only produce on a smaller scale, thus limiting their sales to local markets. They do not possess the right platform to gain maximum exposure. This results in them not getting the amount of attention they deserve. Studio RAW travels around the world in search of these unique, small-scale ceramists and links them to our network of factories. This way, their exclusive designs can be produced in bigger quantities. Through our platform, these product lines then get the international attention they deserve in the premium hospitality segment.


Design by Kevala

Kevala produces handmade ceramic stoneware. Each piece is crafted as a thoughtful statement of contemporary design, realized through the heart and hands of their skilled artisans. Kevala is Sanskrit, meaning perfect, whole, and complete. And it’s this simple idea that dictates the design philosophy behind all the ceramics this studio produces. Kevala’s founder and chief designer Wendy Thomas worked closely with Studio RAW to create a modular set of serving dishes that are clean, contemporary and inspiring. Designed specifically for high-end restaurants, the individual pieces can be tailored to meet specific presentation needs. Wendy: ‘We have been making handcrafted ceramics for some of the world’s top restaurants for the past 25 years. We understand that chefs want understated designs that showcase their culinary creations – where the food is the star, not the serving plate. And it is this idea that forms the foundation for our latest collaboration with Studio RAW.’

Together, Kevala and Studio RAW have developed a new approach to dinnerware, allowing chefs to bring their creativity to the way they serve their delicious culinary creations.

"We have been working with some of the best chefs in the world, Michelin starred chefs and top hotels around the world for the past 29 years. We understand that chefs want to have something different for presenting their creations and to keep exploring their creativities beyond the boundaries of normative food presentation. And this idea of bringing the food industry to the next level is boldly underlined in our new collaboration with Studio RAW."

Founder and Chief Designer of RBC

Special exclusive Deep plate Designed by RAW Designer RBC at Studio RAW

The story behind RBC

RBC perceives design as an expression to communicate the story behind our uniquely handcrafted approach to transform humble stoneware clay into novelty tableware. They produce one-of-a-kind dinnerware items that can connect deeply with the chef’s handmade food through attention to details on every piece of the range. RBC wants to assist chefs to bring forth the unique essence of their own works. This philosophy is then derived that all of the RBC ceramics have to reflect zealous passion in design and to be different. 


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