Customized tableware

Customized tableware by Studio RAW

Learn about our three step approach for creating custom tableware in our full-service-inhouse production studio

Create unique tableware in 3 simple steps

Develop your own custom tableware items at our studio, located in the Stylepoint inspiration centre in Utrecht. You can choose from a wide range of shapes, finishes and glazes. Suitable for quantities of 48 pieces and up.

This how it works:

Step1: Choose a shape
To start your project you first need to define the basic shape and size. You can make a choice of over 13 different RAW shapes (bisques). After you defined the base of your project it’s time to customize your project by choosing a finish and glaze.

Step 2: Choose the glaze and finish
In this step you can make a choice out of a wide variety of options to really give your tableware a unique look. You can choose a customisation on the shape and you can choose multiple glazes to define the look and feel of the inside, outside, bottom and rim. To really top it off you can get your own back stamp to give your project a final personal touch.

Step3: Fired in the kilns of Studio RAW 
After you defined your project a test sample will be made. If you are happy with the result your custom tableware will be fired right here in our own kilns. We use different techniques to ensure a perfect end result.

The shaping, glazing finishing and baking will be done by our ceramic specialist and will all be done by hand, making your tableware a unique and authentic product produced with skill and craftsmanship.

This is how it works

Need some inspiration? Watch our video!

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